HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAKIM I have bought glasses at Hakim repeatedly and have found the staff to be extremely competent and friendly.  I love their wide variety of frames and  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable optometrist. They were very ...

Hakim Optical Reviews

By SergeyRewards2 comments
Hakim Optical Reviews Loved the Service and Quality    I bought my glasses at Hakim Winnipeg 5 years ago.   Perfect quality lenses and good frame!   Loved it!

Hakim Optical Pembina

By felicia95Rewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Pembina   Found Some Cool Glasses   The staff at the pembina location were nice and super helpful. they gave me a bunch of frame suggestions until i found two pairs i really liked and then they put them aside for me because i forgot my prescription ...

Brandon Manitoba Hakim Optical

By WendyRewards1 comments
Brandon Manitoba Hakim Optical   Stopped in a Hakim optical in Brandon Manitoba.    Was just browsing looking at frames.    The staff were very helpful with all my questions and made me feel that I was not wasting their time.  I am now returning to ...
Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim

Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim

By RoseRewards1 comments
Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim   On my way to buy a new pair of prescription sunglasses & I will only shop at Hakim!    This pair has lasted me 6 years which is incredible considering the way I treated them. Leaving them in the car winter and summer, dropping ...

Very Happy with Orangeville Hakim Optical

By LindaRewards1 comments
Very Happy with Orangeville Hakim Optical   I went to Orangeville Hakim for the first time yesterday.  The service was amazing, everyone was kind and helpful.  The designer eyeglasses for women are just fabulous, I had a difficult time just picking two frames.  The ...

Manning Town Hakim Optical

By ErikaRewards1 comments
Manning Town Hakim Optical  Great Experience   I went to the Manning Town Hakim Optical and had a wonderful experience. I got an eye exam and bought a new pair of glasses. The staff was friendly and when I received my glasses there was a scratch on the lens which they ...
Hakim Optical Eyewear

Hakim Optical Eyewear

By DivyeshRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Eyewear This is my old glasses and I think it looks so good. 2 friends of mine asking about this. seriously worth it. Thank you so much hakim optical!

Hakim Optical Barrie Bayfield

By DebkRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Barrie Bayfield  Amazingly Excellent Service   Went into your Barrie Bayfield Street location to get a pair of glasses fixed - the lens popped out.     Amazing!! It was done onsite! The gent that serviced us so friendly and exceptional!!    Thank ...