Manning Town Hakim Optical

By ErikaRewards1 comments
Manning Town Hakim Optical  Great Experience   I went to the Manning Town Hakim Optical and had a wonderful experience. I got an eye exam and bought a new pair of glasses. The staff was friendly and when I received my glasses there was a scratch on the lens which they ...
Hakim Optical Eyewear

Hakim Optical Eyewear

By DivyeshRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Eyewear This is my old glasses and I think it looks so good. 2 friends of mine asking about this. seriously worth it. Thank you so much hakim optical!

Hakim Optical Barrie Bayfield

By DebkRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Barrie Bayfield  Amazingly Excellent Service   Went into your Barrie Bayfield Street location to get a pair of glasses fixed - the lens popped out.     Amazing!! It was done onsite! The gent that serviced us so friendly and exceptional!!    Thank ...
Hakim Optical Designer Prescription Eyeglasses

Hakim Optical Designer Prescription Eyeglasses

By PattyRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Designer Prescription Eyeglasses   Patience   Designer glasses took me forever to find the perfect prescription eyeglasses. I think it looks great. Never pressured in store she just kept on looking with me she was amazing the branch off Manning Rd. Thanks ...

Amazing glasses, cheap prices

Amazing glasses, Cheap prices   Went there after hearing a recommendation from a friend, and I can see what all the praise is about! Friendly staff, amazing selection, super cheap prices. Highly recommended. 10/10 would shop again.