Look at how pink they are

Look at how pink they are!!!

I love the colour pink. Finding glasses was difficult till I went to Hakim Optical. I found the perfect pair that I love and have loved for years now! I never saw me in glasses till i found these. They made me fall in love glasses and the ability to find ones that fit your personality. ...

More Information on the rewards Hakim Optical progam

Hello,  I am currently new to this rewards program and I just wanted to know if I am fully understanding what the program is about. Basically, for anything I publish on the experience of Hakim Optical ...AnswerHi Newborn96,   Welcome to our rewards platform! Yes - you are absolutely correct. As a valued customer, your experience is very important to us. As a sign of gratitude, we will be giving those ...

New Glasses

844.JPGBy Majid1 comments
Today I got my 2 pairs of glasses and I love them. I used good discount and coupon and get awesome glasses.

First time shopper

 I have never shopped before at Hakim optical. I am in Toronto for business and find myself in need of new glasses. All of my colleagues were quick to recommend Hakim optical. Using the mobile site I was able to find the nearest  location and am anxious to visit to purchase ...

Good deal from Hakim

By SylviaRewards1 comments
I bought two pairs of prescription glasses last year and they were comfortable and decent-looking. The sun glasses is a designer brand and the price is affordable, and what made me happy is the second pair, the Hakim brand is nearly free with the first purchase. Now my husband is ...
So happy with my new glasses

So happy with my new glasses!

I went into Hakim Optical for new frames as many friends had suggested. The service was awesome! I told them I was looking for a teacher style cat-eye as I felt this matched my face shape best. Since I’m a brunette they suggested staying away from a stark black and opting for ...
Hakim Designer eye glasses

Hakim Designer eye glasses,

By FluxRewards1 comments
Hakim Desiner eye glasses   New Look and I love it!   "Oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly Oh-oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore...."   For those of you who don't know, that's a song by Weezer called "Buddy Holly" which is exactly who I feel like when wearing my new ...
My New Black Ray-Bans From Hakim Optical

My New Black Ray-Bans From Hakim Optical

109.pngBy cjpRewards0 comments
My prescription is -7.00. Yup, you've read correctly. -7.00. This is why it's so difficult for me to find the perfect frame. My lenses are just too thick...   But Hakim helped me pick out this new black Ray-Bans, and they hide the thickness of my prescription perfectly. I would ...