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Turn to Hakim Optical when in Need! 
I was horrified last week when I realized that I had sat on my glasses and broken them, the next day I rushed to a nearby  Hakim Optical and was in desperate need for help.
The lovely lady at the counter was extremely helpful and she said although my glasses cant be fixed, she understood I was a colleges student and can barley get by and so she did point out the 30% discount and other ways to help me be able to afford a pair of glasses. Nevertheless it was extremely comforting to have such great and helpful staff at Hakim Optical, I left very optimistic!

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Hi Ramesharaf!

We're sorry that you had the unfortunate experience of sitting on your glasses! I'm sure more than one person can relate to that, and we're so glad that you were able to find the help you needed at one of our Hakim locations.Our friendly staff is always willing to help those in need of advice and service related to eye wear and prescription glasses.

As a Thank you for choosing Hakim Optical and sharing your mobile experience with us, we have sent you a voucher for $25 off for your next complete prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses (frame & lenses) from Hakim.

We hope to hear from you again, soon!