Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim

By Rose
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Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim

Prescription Sunglasses from Hakim

On my way to buy a new pair of prescription sunglasses & I will only shop at Hakim! 
This pair has lasted me 6 years which is incredible considering the way I treated them. Leaving them in the car winter and summer, dropping them repeatedly, throwing them into my beach bag without the case... you get the idea. I used this pair when I'd get migraines & it helped immensely!
So, off to Hakim 'cause they always get it right! Right coatings, filters, style, prescription, friendly staff, speedy service and great prices! 
Thanks Hakim!
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3 months ago
Hi Rose!

Cool Mannequin, very stylish 😎 thanks for taking the time to share this picture with the Hakim team.

We're so happy that you have found frames that you love and that you have had such a positive experience with us.

As a Thank you for choosing Hakim Optical and and returning to share your mobile experience with us, we have sent you another voucher for $50.00 off for your next complete prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses (frame & lenses) from Hakim.

We hope to hear from you again, soon!