Love My Transitions! 😎

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Love My Transitions! 😎

Love My Transitions!

Bought my first pair of Hakim glasses last year with transitions and love them. Great year end promo, so I got all the add-ons. Best part is I don’t have to hassle with switching from regular glasses to sunglasses all the time. Most of the time, transitions-tinted lenses will do just fine, even at the beach in Waikiki! I also like the fact that even when fully tinted from the sun, you can still see my eyes, especially in pictures!
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3 weeks ago
Hi Linda!

We're so glad that you're happy with the services, products and pricing options we have to offer.

At Hakim Optical, We strive to give all our clients the best in customer service.

We love the photo you've shared with us, looks like you had a lot of fun in Waikiki! 😎

As a Thank you for choosing Hakim Optical and sharing your mobile experience with us, we have sent you a voucher for $50.00 off for your next complete prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses (frame & lenses) from Hakim.

We hope to hear from you again, soon!