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I always go to Hakim for eyeglasses. They have the best selection and have styles that actually look different from each other, giving you choice. At other eyeglasses stores all the styles are pretty much the same and boring. Hakim has colour and many choices. The deals are always great. I'm almost always able to get two pairs for cheaper or only slightly more than a single pair. And you can pay a deposit and pay the total when you pick up your glasses. They're also very good with repairs or helping you get the right fit if you try them and a week or more later they're not comfortable. I've gone in after more than a year because my nose piece fell out. They didn't ask me if I bought them there or anything like that, they just replaced both nose pieces, cleaned my glasses, and gave them back, no charge. Took two minutes. Always very happy with service.
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Hello lawngnomejack,

Thank you for choosing Hakim Optical and sharing with us! We are really glad you have been having great experiences with us.

We have sent you a voucher for $25 off for your next complete prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses (frame & lenses) from Hakim. Please use this coupon for your new pair of glasses. Why don't you show us a picture of your glasses? We would gladly send you a greater coupon to see those glasses that you enjoy so much!

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