Hakim Optical Masonville London Ontario

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Hakim Optical Masonville London Ontario    Great Service!   I bought one of my first pairs of glasses from the Hakim Optical at the Masonville location in London, Ontario and walking in I was intimidated by the look of the store but found the sales associates there ...

Hakim Optical Woodbridge Review

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Hakim Optical Woodbridge Review   Great Customer Service   Over the years, I have gone to many Hakim locations.   A few months ago, went to the Woodbridge Square location for my teenager's 1st time contact lens purchase. A big thank you to Lucy for her unwavering ...
My New Chic Tortoise Shell Diors

My New Chic Tortoise Shell Diors

I just picked my new designer prescription glasses up - a completely different style direction for me​. I usually wear dark frames yet couldn't resist this Dior designer frame; the tortoise shell and red really go well together. So excited to wear this new pair ...

Affordable and Stylish Eyeglasses!

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Affordable and Stylish Eyeglasses!   As a student and a young adult, I am always looking for ways I can save money but I still want to look good and feel good about the way I look. When I was going to get eyeglasses, I found the prices were very high compared to what insurance ...

Masonville Hakim Optical

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Masonville Hakim Optical   Friendly Staff and helpful service   Staff at the Masonville Hakim Optical were very friendly and welcoming.  They allowed me the time to browse for glasses on my own without providing interruptions, then were more than happy to help when ...

Eye care is important

Eye care is important   The fact that blue light penetrates all the way to the retina (the inner lining of the back of the eye) is important, because laboratory studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This causes ...
Hakim Optical Testimonial

Hakim Optical Testimonial

By AndreaRewards1 comments
Hakim Optical Testimonial   Happy Customer   Great service and prices. I have three children to buy glasses for and they love the large selection and I love the prices!   Everyone left happy.
Hakim Glasses Review

Hakim Glasses Review

Hakim Glasses Review   Rwardz for Days   I always get so many compliments on my Halim Optical glasses which is a reward in itself, but now I can earn more rewards by sharing with you just how awesome they are!
Animal Print Glasses from Hakim

Animal Print Glasses from Hakim!

Animal Print Glasses from Hakim    Love my new glasses!   The customer service at Hakim has always been great but what I love even more is their glasses! I love my new look with these subtle animal print glasses that go with everything.   Definitely don't feel ...

Designer Eyeglasses for Women

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Designer Eyeglasses for Women   I love my designer prescription glasses from Hakim. Its hard to find designer eyeglasses for women that suit my face, so buying these eyeglasses made me extremely happy! I had my exam at Hakim and found these glasses!   Extremely happy!