Stratford Mall Hakim Optical

Stratford Mall Hakim Optical   Great Service!   We visited z hakim Optical  in the Stratford mall today with the intent to buy 1 pair of eyeglasses, after being there awhile and being diligently  taken care of by Jennifer we purchased 2 pairs can hardly wait until ...

Great store and marvelous staff!!!

I have purchased glasses from Hakim Optical for many years. It doesn't matter how long since I have been there, the service I receive is always the best ever. You guys always seem to meet my needs, even if it is just to get my glasses adjusted.I always know that you will take ...
Polarized Hakim Sunglasses Help Protect My Vision

Polarized Hakim Sunglasses Help Protect My Vision

Hi HAKIM,   I am a not-rich university student and need to make my dollars stretch as far as they can. I don’t wear prescription lenses, but I do need to get some polarized sunglasses to protect ...AnswerHi Sofia!   Thank you for reaching out to us with your question about polarized sunglasses.   At Hakim we understand how hard it can be sometimes for students to make the dollars stretch, every ...
Dreaming of Delilah

Dreaming of Delilah

  Dreaming of Delilah   I went to Hakim Optical for the first time last week to purchase some  prescription safety glasses and was delighted to find such a great selection to choose from.   I am going to be very happy with the style and comfort of my ...

Thank You Hakim !

I have been a happy customer of Hakim Optical for a number of years now and I have had such a wonderful experience with them! The staff who helped me were wonderful; very cheery, helpful, and care about thier customers.   I have always enjoyed my glasses from Hakim and looking ...

Best Option for Eyeglasses

I always go to Hakim for eyeglasses. They have the best selection and have styles that actually look different from each other, giving you choice. At other eyeglasses stores all the styles are pretty much the same and boring. Hakim has colour and many choices. The deals are always ...

New glasses

I recently purchased for the second time my new glasses with hakim I had excellance service and am pleased I did purchase 3 pairs but I need to ho back in and have one pair upgraded from reading to progressive and maybe transitions as well 
Look at how pink they are

Look at how pink they are!!!

I love the colour pink. Finding glasses was difficult till I went to Hakim Optical. I found the perfect pair that I love and have loved for years now! I never saw me in glasses till i found these. They made me fall in love glasses and the ability to find ones that fit your personality. ...

More Information on the rewards Hakim Optical progam

Hello,  I am currently new to this rewards program and I just wanted to know if I am fully understanding what the program is about. Basically, for anything I publish on the experience of Hakim Optical ...AnswerHi Newborn96,   Welcome to our rewards platform! Yes - you are absolutely correct. As a valued customer, your experience is very important to us. As a sign of gratitude, we will be giving those ...

First time shopper

 I have never shopped before at Hakim optical. I am in Toronto for business and find myself in need of new glasses. All of my colleagues were quick to recommend Hakim optical. Using the mobile site I was able to find the nearest  location and am anxious to visit to purchase ...


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    cheap designer eyeglasses. Awesome service. Kind technicians. - See more at:
    Great Service.
    Top notch service with great selections and very knowledgeable and helpful staff.
    Amazing Service, very patient and accommodating for seniors!


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