Hakim is the way

Hakim is the way!

Hakim is the way! Loved the Experience!😍   Had a great experience my first time getting glasses with Hakim optical!   The staff helped me out and narrowed down my choices to the perfect pairs.   Thank you!!

Hakim Optical Orangeville Reviews

Hakim Optical Orangeville Reviews   Great Service at Hakim Optical!     Staff at the Orangeville location were friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely would recommend hakim to my friends. I have purchased my glasses twice in the past 4 years at this lo ...

Hakim Optical Halifax Reviews

Hakim Optical Halifax Reviews Great Service   Can't say enough about the incredible customer service we had today at your Halifax location.   Only one sales clerk available today yet she took 6 customers in stride and still managed to answer phone calls and look after ...
Still Loving My Glasses

Still Loving My Glasses

By bribriRewards1 comments
Still Loving My Glasses from Hakim!   I purchased my glasses from hakim optical just under 2 years ago now. They are still in style and holding up great. I love them ! Going back for more. β€οΈ
New Specs from Hakim

New Specs from Hakim!

New Specs from Hakim!   I just received my first pair of Hakim glasses! They are gorgeous. They are so cool, I love the style!   Thinking about ordering more for myself ☺️ I'm so glad I picked Hakim, it's so hard to find a really nice pair of designer eyeglasses ...
Read this and GET SHOCKED

Read this and GET SHOCKED!

Read this and GET SHOCKED!   I've truly had a WONDERFUL experience with Hakim Optical and their staff members whenever I've bought a pair from them. I'm a kind of person that usually breaks his glasses easily but since going to Hakim Optical I've just been blown away from dozens ...
Hakims the Best

Hakims the Best!!!!!

Hakim's the Best!!!!!   I started to go to Hakims since  1979 (when I was 4 years old)  now at 42 I am still going to Hakim's for my glasses as well as for my son and daughter. They have very affordable glasses, great styles, and great customers services.    When ...

Best place to shop for glasses

By KarimRewards1 comments
Best place to buy eyeglasses.   Hakim optical amazed me with its huge selection of glasses and the latest styles in the market. its definitely worth it to go there the next time you shop for glasses or any eyewear. 

Where to Buy New Specs

By LwraggRewards1 comments
Where to Buy New Specs I love my glasses!   The frames are super durable and the lenses quality is great!   They stand up to them being tossed around by my little girl when I'm not looking and not scratching at all!   Get to Hakim, try them for yourself! The staff ...